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The greatest private company at rail transportation of minerals and general cargo

Having the first private workshop of mending the rail fleet in country

• Owning 3000 loading wagon plants equal to 14 percent of country's total loading wagons

• Annual transporting 6.8 million tons equal to 21 percent of country's total rail transport

Contact Information

Central Office:no.2, shahid rouhani alley, daneshgah st, Isfahan Tel :+983136245010  fax:+983136282026

Tehran Office: Unit 901,9th Floor,no.76,Vozara Building,Vozara St. Tel:+982188727940-2  Fax:+982188103923

Workshop:(IRIC) Isfahan Rail Industry Complex,35 km Isfahan Naein Road Tel:+983146563600  Fax:+9846563605

About Behtash Sepahan

Behtash Sepahan Company was first established in 2005 with purchase of 400 freight wagons and started activities as the largest private rail transportation company in Iran.

After nine years, currently, the company owns 3,000 freight wagons and annually undertakes 21% of the whole state rail transportation.

Since the year 2010 this company established the first private workshop for maintenance of wagons and entered into the repair of wagons, and presently carries out 25% of overhaul wagons and 50% of state reconstruction of wagons